Now billing tenants for their utilities has become fun and simple!


Sign up for the platform designed explicitly to make utility billing easier for apartment owners.

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Original price: $3 per month per unit 

Early-bird offer: $1.50 per month per unit

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  • An eco-friendly way to send your residents their utility bills.
  • Access to Utility Ranger's Gamification Mission Tracker and the Star it task tracker.
  • Availability to create a revenue stream for you aside from utilities.

….And so much more!

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Why did we create Utility Ranger?

As a small, multi-family apartment owner, finding the right platform to help bill your tenants for utilities is scarce. Currently, the solutions are targeting larger complexes and management. Not to mention most of the solutions on the market make it challenging to unbundle products.

Utility Ranger is here to change that.

Utility Ranger is a billing platform explicitly designed for apartment owners to simplify billing their tenants for their utilities.

Using it is simple.

Utility Ranger is simple to use. First, you will enter your utility bills or other ancillary expenses (such as pest control & trash collection) into the platform. Next, the system will calculate each tenant's proportionate share of the costs based on the size of their unit and the number of people living in the unit.

About the Co-Founder

Tiffany Mittal is a multi-family owner and investor; she has seen firsthand how NOI boosting technologies have grown the value of her properties and helped her develop her portfolio. Tiffany has also led multiple companies to exponential growth, both in the San Diego area and across the country. She also serves as the Independent Rates Oversight Committee's Chair in San Diego, improving the city's access to fair utility rates.

Tiffany created Utility Ranger because she is committed to democratizing the property technology space and creating opportunities for multi-family investors to grow their portfolios and wealth. She believes this platform is a great way to do so.

Now is the time to sign up for Utility Ranger before the price changes. This one-time, exclusive price won’t last long.

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Original price:
$3 per month per unit
Early-bird offer:
$1.50 per month per unit
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Now billing tenants for their utilities has become fun and simple!

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